Must You Use The Main Dealer When You Need Volkswagen Repair In Chicago?

There are a lot of arguments in favor of always taking a vehicle back to the place where it was first purchased as a brand new car and, in most cases, that place will be its manufacturer’s official dealership for your location. This is probably a wise choice all the time that the vehicle is under warranty but this might not be the case once the warranty has expired.

Why Look At An Independent Auto Shop?

Time, money and reliability are the main considerations whenever anything needs doing on a motor car. Here are some possible scenarios that could cause you to stop using the main dealer:-

* The dealer’s workshop is not conveniently located for your needs.
* After warranty, you begin to suspect that the dealer’s prices are not competitive.
* Maybe you had some misgivings over their service during your warranty period.
* You find them not suitably responsive on emergency callout situations.
* Yours is not a top of the line model and, now it has become older, you feel that the dealer is not particularly interested in you and your vehicle.

Obviously the list could be longer and it can apply to any make of automobile in any geographic location.

So, Let’s Look Specifically At Volkswagen Repair In Chicago

VW cars have come a long way since the simple “folks-wagon” with its air cooled rear engine. Today’s VW’s range includes sedans, compacts, convertibles SUVs and wagons with sophisticated engines, electronics and computer processors. These are not as simple to maintain as the originals. Highly trained mechanics, specialized tools and diagnostic equipments are now needed to service a modern VW.

How do you know if an independent has all this plus all the necessary spare parts that a VW will need? A reliable guide to this comes in the form of the auto shop being accredited by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and/or accredited as a Bosch Service Center. These accreditations are your guarantee that they have everything needed for your Volkswagen repair in Chicago.

Chicago Motors Auto Service are both a Bosch Service Center and ASE accredited. Therefore they are a safe (and economical) place to take your Volkswagen for repair in Chicago. Visit them online at

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