Need a Restraining Order? Contact a Family Attorney in Chino, CA

Violent relationships rarely get better without intervention. If there has been violence or threats of violence in your marriage, a restraining order may give you the time and space to figure out how or whether you want to continue the relationship. A Family Attorney in Chico CA may explain the process of obtaining a restraining order and represent you in court if you decide to apply for an order of protection.

Victims of domestic violence can ask for three types of protection. The restraining order can prevent your spouse from doing certain things, from being in certain places, or from living in your home. Because violation of a restraining order is a criminal offense, your spouse may be arrested if they do any of the prohibited actions in your order. If there is anything you especially need to be included in your restraining order, your Family Attorney in Chico CA may present evidence to the judge to show why it should be added.

Many restraining orders prevent the restrained person from abusing, harassing or stalking the protected person. Essentially, when you have a restraining order in place, your spouse is not allowed to hurt you, threaten you or scare you. An order of protection may also include your children. If the judge includes your children in a restraining order, and the restrained person is their parent, they may not be able to visit while the order is in effect.

While you have an active restraining order, your spouse will not be allowed to contact you in any way. This includes phone calls, text messages, email and social networking messages. They are also prohibited from contacting you through a third party. The law is intended to give an abused person some time and space to make important decisions about their future.

A family attorney from Brooks and Brooks Attorneys at Law may help you deal with the issues of violence in your relationship by representing you at your restraining order hearings. These hearings can be emotional and having an attorney by your side can be comforting and may help you focus on the task at hand – protecting you and your children from violence. Browse website for more information.

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