Never Fail to Call a Drug Possession Lawyer

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Lawyers And Law Firms

The men and women who help you to fight a drug possession charge take it upon themselves to help you at every stage of the proceedings so that you may receive a fair and reasonable trial. It is your right to expect a fair and speedy trial and having an expert on hand to help you with the process will help you to reduce the time spent jumping through hoops and ensure that you receive the best chance at dismissal or a dropped charge. After all, each drug possession charge is made in unique circumstances and yours may be such that you find yourself receiving much less trouble than you first imagined.


There are two ways you that may have your case dismissed: either outright or by deferred dismissal, meaning that your case would be dismissed after a predetermined amount of time providing that you do not get into trouble with the law for any additional reasons. So long as you remain out of trouble for that period of time, your drug possession lawyer will ensure that your charges are completely dropped and eventually taken off your record. This will allow you to continue working, living, and enjoying the world around you without being forced to spend part of your small time on earth behind bars.


It may be that there is no way to avoid some type of guilty verdict but pleading guilty or arguing certain pieces of evidence away may help you to dramatically reduce your charge and the resulting sentence. A drug possession lawyer will argue every angle available to help you work through your court case with minimal frustration or delays while working to get you a reduced sentence. This is the type of work that may make the difference between a few months of house arrest and a few years sitting in a jail cell, which is why you should contact Michael Shook, Attorney at Law by visiting or dialing (310) 328-6650 at your earliest convenience. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information!

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