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Noisy Plumbing Doesn’t Have to Send You Packing – See Plumbers in Cedar Rapids IA

Noisy Plumbing Doesn’t Have to Send You Packing – See Plumbers in Cedar Rapids IA

Every tenant knows that one of the main reasons to leave a lease/rental is the noise pollution. What is noise pollution? It is the harmful or annoying noises that are created by machines and transportation. While living in a residence, noise pollution wouldn’t be caused an airplane or train, but rather from the plumbing and facility systems.

Not many people want to live somewhere they can’t sleep through the night because the plumbing is keeping them up. When calling for the help from one of the many plumbers in Cedar Rapids IA, you will find the preferred method to soundproofing is using cast iron for waste and drainage systems. When it is compared to other alternatives such as ABS or PVC, it comes out on top since it is a sustainable material.

However, Plumbers Cedar Rapids IA, will also tell you that due to the load demand and several additional factors, it turns out that using only cast iron on its own isn’t enough to create a full functioning noise barrier for the drainage systems. When using cast iron, it is advised to use other single step alternatives in order to get the best results and everyone can sleep peacefully without any waste disturbances.

It turns out there are a variety of single step application alternatives. An example is a triple layer waste system. Although this would triple the noise barrier, it would also triple the cost. This information circles back to the beginning to the first cast outs, ABS or PVC. It turns out these more standard materials are a bit more cost effective and do the job for waste and drainage following the application (and a plumbing inspection).

These materials could be the trick to materialize a sound proof plumbing system in an affordable fashion. There are also other options such as B-10/B-20 Lagging, ASJ/FSK Facing Mineral Wool pipe covering/blanket, Calcium Silicate, and ASJ/FSK Facing Fiberglass piping insulation/blanket.

It’s not easy to decide on which method to use in order to create a sound proof plumbing system but the options show that there never should be a time to live with noise pollution. There are a lot of factors that go into the decision, so never be afraid to ask questions and try to be aware of all options. For more information, visit

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