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Options In Lead Shields For Radiology

Options In Lead Shields For Radiology

Medical professionals, radiologists, dental office staff, or others in the medical and dental field are often exposed to x-rays and radiation from imaging equipment. While this equipment often emits very low levels of radiation, protection is still a critical consideration.

For those working in any area where radiation is present, the issue is not a single exposure to low-level radiation, but rather the cumulative effects of radiation in the body. Professionals, as well as patients, can use appropriate types of lead shields for radiation to limit the amount of exposure and reduce the cumulative effects of any type of imaging requirements.

Patient Protection

The patient can use a range of different options in lead shields for radiation to protect exposure. This can include breast shields, eye shields, thyroid shields or shields for the genital area or the ovaries.

There are also smaller lead blankets or pads that can be used for larger areas of the body if required. Lead aprons for patients that include full and half apron options are essential in most radiology labs.

Staff Protection

Staff may need a variety of different options in lead shields for radiation. These include lead gloves and hand shields to full or half lead aprons. There are also lead glasses available for use, which are often required in laboratory settings.

Another option that is ideal for staff is a mobile stand and shield combination. These can be moved into the correct position in the facility and used in any position to protect both patients as well as staff.

All of these lead shielding options used in the radiation field are made from various thicknesses of lead sheet. This lead sheet can be rolled as thin or as thick as required for the application, providing excellent protection from x-ray and radiation exposure.

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