Options Offered By Commercial Roof Installers in Lawrence KS

The challenges involved in the installation of a roofing system for a commercial building differs greatly from that of a residential home. This is true not only in terms of scale but also engineering. A commercial roof has to cover a larger surface area, has to offer a greater degree of wind and weather protection than that usually standard for a residential home and must last for a longer period than a residential roof. And that’s merely where the challenges for Commercial Roof Installers in Lawrence KS and their clients begin.

Most commercial roofs, especially on large buildings, are low-slope systems which lie right on the vertical and horizontal structural members and canted only just enough to facilitate drainage. Now, commercial roofs have to fulfill three engineering imperatives:

1. Commercial roofs must incorporate a weather layer or a sandwiched weather layer to protect the building from water intrusion.

2. Commercial roofs must have a high degree of puncture resistance and strength. This is achieved through structural reinforcement which helps maintain the integrity of the roofing system from physical stresses.

3. The surfacing of commercial roofs must protect the reinforcement and weather layer(s) from the stresses of climate. A well-surfaced roof also incorporates a high degree of surface heat reflectivity, which greatly facilitates the building’s overall energy efficiency.

Of course, given the location in the center of Tornado Alley, any commercial roof system installed in the general Lawrence area is going to have to have added structural resistance to high winds and hail. Contractors employed as Commercial Roof Installers in Lawrence KS take all these considerations into effect when planning a job and consulting with the client on the selection of the best roofing system to replace the old one on the building.

This is why potential clients have to take care in choosing the right contractor for an installation. Selecting a firm with a solid reputation in the local business community is vital. This holds true not only in terms of honesty but competence. Expert roofers should have many years of experience in the installation and repair of a wide variety of systems and material. Get more information by following this link and find out for yourself the kind of work available for that next installation of repair on offer by a staff of true professionals in the field.

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