Pillow Block Bearings for Louisiana Commercial Applications

In many Texas and Louisiana industries, pillow block bearings play a vital role anywhere there is the need for drive components with shafts. In fact, they are often the main support for rotating shafts and are sometimes known as more plum block bearings. These bearings offer many benefits to modern industry, and there are several options to consider.

Benefits of Pillow Block Bearings for Louisiana Businesses
Pillow blocks make excellent mounted housings for shaft bearings. The mount remains stationary, and this allows the inner bearing to rotate, lessening wear and tear on drive components. In fact, the housing helps to protect the bearing from dirt and other debris, and this can greatly increase the duty cycle by eliminating contamination.

Housings usually come with holes for grease fittings. Also, the base may be split to allow for adjustments. This type of construction allows pillow block bearings to fit a wide range of applications for Louisiana businesses.

Pillow Block Bearing Options
A more plum block housing allows for many different bearing types. In fact, there are as many as eight options you may wish to consider.

Ball Bearings
Ball bearings allow for smooth operation with a minimal amount of friction. Their construction is simple yet very effective. Balls are usually held in place by inner and outer rings, and a separator or cage. These pillow block bearings can deliver high performance with very little maintenance required.

Plain Bearings
Unlike ball bearings, plain bearings work in a sliding action. They are sometimes called bushings. Plain bearings may work with sleeves, flanges or other types of linings.

Roller Bearings
Roller type bearings utilize rollers instead of balls (ball bearings), and there are five basic types.

* Cylindrical

* Spherical

* Needle

* Thrust

* Tapered

Instead of rollers or balls to provide clearance between the shaft and pillow block bearings, hydrodynamic bearings utilize a film of air or oil. They can provide a lot of loads capacities and deliver high performance.

Needle Roller
Similar to standard roller bearings, needle rollers are smaller in diameter. This provides a lower profile in areas where space is at a premium.

There are five basic specifications to consider when buying pillow block bearings for Louisiana businesses:

* Shaft size

* Shaft diameter

* Shaft height

* Maximum allowed speed

* Maximum load

For the most part, pillow block bearings are made with hardened steel cages. This increases durability and lessens the likelihood of breakdown under operating conditions.

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