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Plan well before beginning your bathroom remodel

A bathroom can often be the center-piece of your home. It’s the room that most people think of when considering privacy and relaxation. Sadly, though, people often design a bathroom according to the fashion of the time, and sometimes this makes the room date very quickly. If you have a neutral color such as white sanitary ware, it’s usually longer lasting from a decor perspective than if you choose vanity items in bright, bold colors. Many of those homeowners with bright blue tubs or startling pink sinks are keen to remodel their bathrooms to bring these into the 21st century. A bathroom renovation is always exciting, but you need to consider carefully before proceeding.

What to consider when remodeling your bathroom

There are so many things you can consider, not least of which will be the floor and walls tiles, as well as the entire overall color scheme. You may want to upgrade your shower, and there are many high-tech shower doors and cubicles currently on the market. Toilets are also changing with technology, and some even come with a bank of controls attached!

One thing that few people will do without is having a bath in their Pittsburgh home. Choosing a new tub can also make a huge change to your bathroom. You may want a double tub or one that has a built-in headrest so that you can lie back and either watch television or read a good book. If you have a backache or simply like to be massaged, you might choose a tub with water jets that will turn your bathroom into a spa.

Looking at your budget and time

Before you begin, it’s important to know how much you want to spend on your bathroom, and this will guide your decisions. Remember that you may need to cost in labor, unless this is included in the quotation, a business gives you. You also need to remember that a bathroom remodel will take more than a few days, so you need to plan for this. Your contractor will assist you, but you should also ensure that you order any parts such as your cabinets or tiles and fixtures in good time. This way you won’t hold up the renovation work. For excellent advice and service, schedule an appointment with Patete Kitchens to learn more about costs and timeframes.

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