Planning Your Savings With A Destratification Fan Savings Calculator

Any type of investment in a new product that is designed to help a business, organization, or agency to save money can yield a very positive return on investment. However, it is important to understand the savings that can be achieved with the addition of the technology, and to then calculate the time it takes to pay off the cost of the purchase and installation.

When considering a destratification fan, there are several different factors to consider with a destratification fan savings calculator. The companies offering these fans can provide specific information on the cost of installation as well as the future energy savings, and this information is typically available through a quick phone call.

Some Basic Numbers

While a destratification fan savings calculator can be used to provide specifics for your building, there is also general information available from a variety of different studies from various companies, agencies, and industry researchers.

As a general destratification fan savings calculator, consider a commercial building with ceilings that are 20 feet. It is no uncommon for the temperature to be 15 degrees hotter at the roof level than the floor. By installing destratification fans, which circulate the air and disperse the air to provide consistent temperature, the difference between the temperature at the ceiling and at the floor can be managed at about 3 degrees difference.

This, in turn, limits the number of times the HVAC system cuts on and off during the day, and how long it needs to run with each cycle. In these types of buildings, it is typical to see a decrease in energy costs as much as 30% throughout the year.

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