Precision CNC Machining: Providing Complete Machining Services

Today’s machine shops work hard to accommodate a full range of demands. Their equipment includes various automatic and computer controlled devices. The intent is to make the work faster and more precise while increasing productivity. For many shops, the answer to reaching such a goal is precision CNC machining.

Moving Forward

The evolution of machining processes took a great leap forward with the invention of the computer resulting in the computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines. The use of CAM and 3D CAM software allows operators to work with the tools to produce precise components with tight tolerances. Such accuracy demands much of the operator. Tools such as calculators designed for machinists can reduce the stress.

Precision CNC machine shops are able to accommodate a wide range of machining capabilities. Their range of equipment focuses on producing results that are, as the name indicates, precise and accurate. The machines must be able to deliver results on large and small scales. They have to be able to handle the close, or tight tolerances demanded of intricate parts – small or large, quickly reproducing the desired shape. Moreover, replicability of the initial results is necessary.

Common CNC Equipment

For precise CNC machining processes, companies rely on the employment of several tools. While, theoretically, a significant number of machine tools are adaptable for CNC, the following remain among the most common in many machine shops:

• CNC turning
• Horizontal CNC milling
• Vertical CNC milling (minimum 4-axis capability)
• Multi-Axis CNC vertical turning and milling centers
• Wire EDM

These available services abet a precision CNC machine shop in becoming successful in today’s competitive marketplace.

Precision CNC Machining

The intent of becoming a precise CNC machine shop is to provide customers with replicability of highly accurate components. It is essential to produce the parts quickly to exacting specifications – including tight tolerances. This is a goal best met by utilizing the most advanced and best in precision CNC machining tools.

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