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Preparing For A Meeting With A Minneapolis, MN Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Preparing For A Meeting With A Minneapolis, MN Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Work-related injuries and illnesses can occur on any type of job. The Workers’ Compensation program was set up to provide insurance coverage for employees with short or long-term injuries or illnesses that occurred as a direct result of their work.

In Minneapolis, MN, as well as across the country, there are guidelines and requirements to file a claim for compensation for lost wages, medical treatment as well as vocational retraining as well as rehab programs. Unfortunately, some employers and insurance companies work to deny these claims, delay payment, offer low settlements or even refuse treatments that are recommended by medical health professionals.

When these types of denials occur, if the employee is not provided with information on choices and options, or if the employee is terminated due to the filing of a claim, talking to an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer should be the first step.

The Case Consultation

A top Workers’ Compensation lawyer typically specializes in these types of cases. He or she offers a free consultation, which provides the client and the attorney the option to discuss the case in a confidential setting. Some attorneys meet in person, while others may conduct this initial meeting by phone.

This is an informal meeting, but the employee should have basic information on hand for this initial meeting with the Workers’ Compensation lawyer. Providing specifics of the injury or illness, the overview of the medical treatment and ongoing rehab, any information the employer has provided and any documentation of retaliation is helpful in providing the relevant information. It may be helpful to write down any questions in advance, which helps to make sure you have the answers you need.

The lawyer can evaluate the information and provide an overview of the case and possible options moving forward. This information is valuable in understanding your options in getting fair compensation in Minneapolis, MN.

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