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Preparing Your Kids for a Move: Selecting a Denver Moving Company, Strategic Planning and More

Chances are, your family will eventually face the prospect of moving. While upgrading to a bigger house or nicer neighborhood may be exciting for you, the experience can often be traumatic for children, as they’re forced to leave the environment in which they’re comfortable. It’s important to keep your children in the loop during the whole process, so they feel as if they have a voice and are part of the decision-making process. Even if you’re leaving Denver out of necessity and aren’t particularly excited either, it’s important that you stay positive for your children. Read on for some helpful suggestions for easing this transition.

Keep the Dialogue Going
No matter the ages of your children or the circumstances of your move, the best way to prepare your children for relocation is to talk to them about it. Give them as much information as possible, as soon as possible. Make sure to answer all of their questions honestly and completely, and be receptive to their reactions.

Kids don’t always understand that a move can improve the quality of their lives. Make sure they know that a moving company will soon be coming to the house to give and estimate, and if you can, drive them around your new neighborhood before the big day.

Explain at Your Child’s Level
Younger children may adjust the easiest to a big move, especially if you make the entire transition feel like an adventure. Use a story to explain what’s happening, and use toy trucks and furniture to explain. You can even help your children understand by hiring the right moving company. Denver has many great companies that have experience working with children and can help your child feel at ease as they pack up his or her things.

Think Strategically
If your children are already in school, you need to think carefully about the best time to relocate. Moving during the summer means they start fresh in a new school year, but moving midyear allows them to make friends right away. Make sure to contact their new school to see if certain times are preferable. Also, take into consideration that your child is leaving behind their friends. If possible, try to plan a visit back to your old town before you even move, so your child knows you’ll be returning in the future.

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