Problems Solved With an Annual AC Service in Urbana

HVAC experts recommend that repairs and annual service calls take place during spring. This once a year AC Service in Urbana will ensure the unit is ready to provide cool air all summer. It is very easy for dust and debris to build up inside the equipment when an annual service and cleaning is not performed. This reduces efficiency and the ability of the unit to work properly. Following a service, a well-maintained unit should operate comfortably, but issues can arise regardless in any system. Here are some signs that there may still be a problem.

Difficulty With Consistency

A large difference in temperature levels from room to room could either be poor air flow in the warmer rooms or a thermostat problem that is not reading the air temperature correctly. Make certain open windows or doors are not causing warm air to enter into these areas of the home and then contact a repair technician.

Problems With Sound

Get help if AC units are suddenly much louder. Rattling, grinding or popping and hissing noises are all sounds that could signal problems. It could be something as simple as a loose nut or bolt or as serious as a refrigerant leak or failing motor.

Noticing a Smell

One of the most common complaints with AC units is a musty smell. An AC Service in Urbana will eliminate this problem. Musty smells are caused by the presence of mold in the unit or the ductwork. An annual cleaning will remove the mold and the smell. If it returns within a few weeks, there could be a leak in the system.

Paying too Much

There is obviously a problem when usage is the same and utility bills suddenly increase. The unit could be failing due to age, or there may be a problem with the AC that has developed since the last service. Have a technician look at the unit before wasting any more money.

Regular inspections and service appointments prevent a lot of unexpected expense and inconvenience. Unfortunately, even the bet maintained equipment would sometimes fail when it is needed most. Having one reputable company provide all maintenance and repairs is the best way to keep everything functioning smoothly and to have service for unexpected issues. Learn more about us to discover how easy and affordable it can be to keep a home comfortable all year.

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