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Professionally Remove Bees with Pest Control Services in Boynton Beach Florida

Professionally Remove Bees with Pest Control Services in Boynton Beach Florida

Bees are known for their delicious honey, but even more important is their impact on pollination. Pollination is critical to the human food supply, both for the plant products we eat and the forage plants that livestock consume. Although the bee population is in decline and should be preserved, there are situations where bees should be extracted from their chosen home. Bees should be removed if their hive poses a risk to people or property. Pest Control Services in Boynton Beach Florida can evaluate the situation and treat the property for a bee infestation with same-day service.

For most individuals, a bee sting is painful and annoying, but for a person who is allergic, the reaction can be deadly. Swelling, difficulty breathing, itching, and stomach pain are symptomatic of the most serious type of reaction, anaphylaxis, which requires hospital care. If an individual is at risk for a bee sting allergy, it is important to remove the hive without delay. Bees that are in a location that would interfere with human traffic should also be removed. The risk of a bee sting will lesson if hives near doors, windows, or in the yard where children may be playing are taken care of by a professional.

Some types of bees can cause structural damage to a home. Carpenter bees may burrow and build their nests within wood beams and walls. Any sign of a carpenter bee should not be ignored as the amount of property damage will increase over time. Bee damage can also decrease a property’s resale value. Hives left inside walls or other parts of the home may attract new bees, even if the original ones were exterminated. In addition, bee bodies may begin to smell as they decompose. Pest Control Services in Boynton Beach Florida will remove the bees and hive from the home and repair any damage.

If bees have set up their hives around the house or other areas which will place unsuspecting people at risk for stings, hire ASAP Above & Beyond Pest Control to take care of the problem. For more information, contact and get your bee problem taken care of today.

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