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Qualities Of A Good, Professional LMS

Qualities Of A Good, Professional LMS

If you need a good, professional learning management system (LMS), there are certain qualities to consider. While you’ll want certain things a particular way, they should all have customisable records and reports, automated reminders, administrative access and so much more. Otherwise, you run the risk of disliking the system and wasting time and money.

Customisable Records/Reports

One of the most important qualities of an excellent learning management system is being about to find what you want, quickly. An ideal system will have easy access to reports, the ability to view those reports in multiple categories and allow you to see reports by course and department.

Automated Reminders

Employees and students are notorious for putting off their required work for as long as possible. Therefore, you want a system that will automatically remind students or employees what they need to do and when it needs to be done. The system should be able to send and manage multiple e-mail or text reminders for every course.

Admin Access

While you won’t be the only one that needs to see reports and records, there should be a separate admin access available so that you can choose what others are allowed to see. That will help with privacy issues and security risks. You may also want to consider those systems that offer multiple admin accounts so that each department can have one.


A good LMS doesn’t just fix a problem. It is meant to be used for various reasons and in multiple areas. You need to know how you want to use the system and have it created to those specifications, but you also want to consider what else it could be used for.


The learning curve and ease of use are important in a professional LMS. You’ll probably want something that can get running quickly without you having to take more time away from your schedule to learn everything. You want something that you can look at and immediately understand, not something with various drop-down lists and a clunky user interface.

Reasonably Priced

Prices will vary based on what you get and what you want. There is no standardised pricing model, but you can comparison shop to find out what competitors are offering and whether or not they meet your needs. If two options seem comparable and will do what you need them to do, you can choose the least expensive of the two.

Qualities of a good, professional LMS can include automation, customisation, functionality and being reasonably priced.

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