Quality Dental Implants in West Loop Are the Best Option

If you have just lost your tooth, don’t panic. With today’s modern technology you have several options to choose from to replace your lost tooth. The worst thing you can do in this situation is to do nothing, because it is not just for looks alone but also to restore full function and to maintain the alignment of your teeth as a whole.


There are two types of dentures that have been commonly used for tooth replacement. One of these is fixed partial dentures. Fixed partial dentures make use of the two surrounding teeth beside the gap to support a false tooth, also known as a pontic. Although they bring back function and aesthetics to your teeth, they can be susceptible to tooth decay and can potentially damage the supporting teeth.

The other type of denture is removable partial dentures. A removable denture is an artificial tooth that is attached to an artificial plastic that acts like the gum in your mouth. They are the cheapest option for replacing your tooth if you are on a tight budget, but can often cause long term damage to the surrounding teeth if not maintained properly. Some of the surrounding teeth may get loose and it may also cause tooth decay in the long run.

Dental implants

Generally, dentists will recommend getting dental implants in West Loop to replace your missing tooth. It is the best option out there, but it is the most expensive. Dental implants allow you to have a natural look and a natural feel, making it practically like you never lost the tooth. Although minor surgery has to be done to insert the tooth, the result will leave you with an unproblematic tooth in most cases. The implanted tooth also has a lower risk of causing gum diseases or tooth decay.

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