Questions Business Owners Ask About Shredding Services in Dallas Tx

Business owners can’t take chances when choosing an ongoing shredding service to destroy the personal documents and sensitive information of their business and customers. To ensure that documents are destroyed, business owners should contact a professional company for Shredding Services in Dallas Tx. If hiring a company to provide shredding service on a schedule sounds like something your business needs, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) How does an ongoing shredding service work and how are the documents shredded?

A.) An employee of the shredding company brings locked containers to the place of business and places them in various locations. Employees of the business drop sensitive documents that need to be shredded into the locked bins. On a scheduled day, the shredding company comes to the business and retrieves the documents from the locked containers and places them into a cart. The locked cart is immediately taken out to the shredding truck where the documents are shredded in the truck before they leave. A Certificate of Destruction is provided after each service.

Q.) Why should business owners hire a shredding service instead of having an employee shred the documents?

A.) Shredding documents on a typical office shredder purchased at a big box store is very time-consuming and not very secure. Not only is the employee tasked to shred the paper taking time away from their core responsibilities, but they also have direct access to the confidential documents of either co-workers or customers needing to be shredded. Disposal of the shredded paper from an office shredder is another challenge as the remaining paper fragments are often large enough to leave personal information exposed and then thrown in the trash. A company that provides professional Shredding Services in Dallas Tx will not only shred the documents to indiscernible fragments, but then recycle the shredded paper to ensure it cannot be reassembled.

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