Questions to Ask When Hiring a Contractor for Commercial Foundation Repair in Fairfax, VA

If a business owner notices cracks in the foundation of their building, they should contact a contractor who specializes in foundation repair. Selecting a contractor is not always easy, but asking certain questions can help business owners choose an expert for commercial foundation repair in Fairfax VA.

Find out if the foundation needs repairs.

Buildings settle over time, so it’s possible the foundation could develop cracks. It’s best to ask an expert for advice before spending money on repairs that may not be necessary.

Find out if they’re licensed and insured in your state.

It’s mandatory for foundation repair companies in certain states to be insured. However, some repair teams market themselves as experts without stating specifically they’re foundation repair contractors. The business owner should check references to verify a company’s experience.

Find out when the contractor will finish, how they’ll do the work, and how much it will cost

Depending on the type of repair needed, there are several different approaches for each job. Find out how they’ll do the work, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to complete the job.

Find out if the company offers a warranty on their work.

Almost all repairs come with lifetime, transferable warranties that cover the work the company does and the parts they use. However, not all warranties are equal. Business owners need to read the fine print to understand their rights.

Find out how many repairs the contractor has completed.

It’s important to choose an experienced contractor for any job, but especially for foundation repair.

Ask for references and testimonials

Potential customers should ask for references and testimonials so they can talk to previous clients and find out how satisfied they are with the contractor’s work.

Find out if they provide advice on landscaping and soil

Some of the reasons foundation repairs are needed are because the soil has eroded or expanded, there’s been a landslide, or there’s poor drainage. The contractor should be able to give advice on how to correct these problems. This is especially important because these problems can void the warranty if they’re not taken care of.

These are just some of the things potential clients should find out before hiring a company to do Commercial Foundation Repair in Fairfax VA. For more information, please contact us.

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