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Rawhide Alternatives for Dogs: Natural and Commercial Options

Dog chews provide owners with a means to distract their dog while doing something else. They keep dogs busy while owners do something else. However, owners must pay close attention to what type of chews they give their beloved companion animal. Because of current concerns for chews made from rawhide, alternatives for dogs are now available.

Why Not Rawhide

Rawhide chews have been the go-to chew for dogs for decades. Many enthusiasts still swear by them. However, many owners are no longer enamored. Their fears are not empty. Research and experiences back up their claims.

In fact, some vets no longer recommend rawhide chews. They understand the dangers inherent in them. Among the most cited ones are:

* Blockage of the intestinal tract: Some dogs swallow huge chunks of rawhide. These pieces venture through the intestinal tract and can become lodged

* Choking Hazard: Some dogs chew rawhide until it is a soft gooey mess. They then try to swallow it whole. If it becomes stuck in the throat, choking can occur

* Toxicity: Depending upon the manufacturer, various toxic or questionable substances are now a component of rawhide chews

As a result, many owners are considering rawhide alternatives for dogs.

Rawhide Alternatives for Dogs

The marketplace for canines is not static. It is vibrant. New products appear regularly. For those looking to replace rawhide chews with safer and healthier items, options are plentiful. While some prefer to make their own chews at home using vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes, others are looking at commercial offerings. These draw upon a variety of animal and vegetable ingredients. Among the popular alternative materials are:

* Elk horn

* Pig skin

* Beef components, e.g., esophagus, marrow

* Kangaroo

* Rabbit – everything from meat to paws and ears

* Sweet potato – with or without meat

* Duck

Of course, in the end, the decisive factor in choosing the right rawhide alternatives for the dogs in your life is going to be their personal preference.

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