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Reaching Your Colorful Hair Dreams

Reaching Your Colorful Hair Dreams

You’ve been scrolling through Instagram, and now you have to have some cool colors in your hair. Rainbows speak to you. You can’t believe pink isn’t a natural hair color. Maybe you just want to go from gray roots to brown. Well, a visit to the hair solon can help you reach those hair dreams. Here are some things to know before you reach the salon.

Colorful Hair Requires Maintenance

Fun colors wash out fast, so repeat trips to the hair salon are necessary. More “natural” colors can wash out too, so whatever color you choose, you need to have a good relationship with your salon. For hair color in Chicago, check out Great stylists can also explain how you need to care for your hair between appointments to keep it as fun as possible.

Find Pictures

You might be able to paint a picture with words, but an actual picture never hurts. Try to find pictures of what you want as an example. However, it’s important to remember that many online photographs of colorful hair are for inspiration. Those are one-time looks that might be photoshopped. Stylists work hard to make your hair as colorful as possible, so you can still get fabulous hair. It just might not look exactly like that Instagram photo.

Schedule a Consultation

Complicated hair takes a long time and often a multi-step process. Schedule a consultation with your stylist before your appointment. Then, you can discuss your goals, hair dying history, and hair type. This lets you and your stylist craft the best game plan before your appointment.

Know That Greatness Takes Time

Most hair coloring appointments can take a few hours. Be prepared to spend that long sitting in a chair. That means you should eat and go to the bathroom before your appointment. Take a look at your schedule before making an appointment to ensure you have the time to dedicate to great hair. Visit to schedule an appointment.

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