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Reasons To Choose A Certified Company For Metal Fabrication In San Jose

Reasons To Choose A Certified Company For Metal Fabrication In San Jose

Regardless of how small or how large a project or construction job may be, it is essential to always choose the best quality of fabricators and service providers. For commercial, residential or industrial projects in the San Jose and surrounding area, looking for an AISC certified fabricator is essential.

There are several essential reasons to select an AISC certified company for all your metal fabrication needs. A quick review of the benefits will reinforce just how critical this decision will be for the job and the long-term ability to continue working with the fabricator for future projects.

Rigorous Standards

One of the unique aspects of certification is that it isn’t just something that is done once and then carries on with the company as long as they stay members of the AICS (American Institute of Steel Construction). Instead, this is an ongoing process.

Every company that is AISC certified has to meet the standards on an annual basis. The standards for certification change over time to reflect current regulations, safety issues, training and quality requirements. By choosing a company with a current AISC certification, you are choosing a company that is committed to staying on top in the industry.

Real Oversight

To maintain this certification, the company must demonstrate they meet the standards as developed by the AISC. This includes attending trainings and using the latest in methods for both fabrication and installation.

However, the company doesn’t just submit documents to prove this. There is actually an annual audit and a visit from the certification service to the company. This can happen at any time, ensuring the company is always using the most effective practices.

Efficiency and Best Practices

While it does take time, effort and money to be an AISC certified metal fabrication company, it also makes the entire company more efficient. By using the latest in technology and practices project waste can be reduced, new methods of fabrication implemented and a higher level of productivity can be implemented.

There is often a difference in a quote between an AISC certified and a non-certified metal fabrication company in the San Jose area. While the certified company may have a slightly higher quote, they also have built-in advantages that the non-certified company cannot provide. This can lead to faster turnaround times, fewer budget overruns and a more efficient process for getting the quality fabricated parts you need for the job when you need them.

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