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Reasons to Consider an Air Conditioning Replacement in Atlanta GA

There are many times to consider Air Conditioning Replacement in Atlanta GA, other than just when the unit is no longer working. Energy experts recommend that any air conditioning system over 10 years old be replaced.

This is because these older machines are often very inefficient. By replacing your system, you will enjoy a machine that can cool your home or office better, and lower your electric bill at the same time. Studies have shown that cooling systems which are Energy Star rated can lower cooling bills as much as 20 percent.

Older AC units are also at risk for clogged and mold-contaminated filters, could potentially overheat and are break-down risks. These break downs always seem to happen on the day when you need the cool air the most. In many instances, the repeated calls for repairs can result in bills which, over the cost of a cooling season, easily exceed the cost of installing a new system.

Another occasion when a new AC system should be installed is when you have enlarged the size of your living space. If recent renovations have increased your home size, you may need another unit. People generally purchase AC units which are just large enough to cool the space they own. When that space is enlarged, the old air conditioner will have to work harder to keep the air cool. Often the space will not be as cool and comfortable as people prefer and the unit will be at risk for overheating.

Air Conditioning Replacement in Atlanta GA, can be done quickly and easily when you plan ahead. If it is installed in the cooler months, you will not even have to worry about any down time. Your home will be more comfortable and safer and the unit will eventually pay for itself with the savings you receive on your electric bill.

If you are interested in replacing your outdated air conditioning equipment, click here to know more. Now, before a break down actually occurs, is the perfect time to comparison shop and pick out the best unit for the needs of your home.

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