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Reasons Why You Might Need to See an Emergency Dentist in Tuscaloosa

What qualifies as a dental emergency? Usually, this is when the tooth discomfort or pain you are experiencing is more than bearable. Another qualifier is if the problem is not treated immediately; it is likely to escalate to serious health issues. The third scenario is after visiting the emergency room followed up with an appointment with an emergency dentist in Tuscaloosa.

Whatever the case, if you are suffering from severe dental pain, call your dental caregiver immediately, especially if you have:

Lost a Tooth: When your tooth is knocked out (avulsed tooth), you should immediately try to locate it and clean it via rinsing (not scrubbing) it. Place the cleaned tooth back in its socket gently. You can also save your tooth in a glass of cold milk, clean cloth or pure water with a pinch of salt.

Fractured or Cracked Tooth: A fractured or cracked tooth is most often hidden but painful. The tooth can easily lead to you requiring a root canal job or a crown if left unattended. When the pain is unbearable, get in touch with the emergency dentist right away.

A Broken Jaw: Injuries severe enough to break the jaw are likely to cause an impact on your dental job. Use ice to reduce the resulting swelling, but you need to go to the emergency room at once. The doctors at the ER will then recommend further dental care.

Toothache: General tooth pain is sometimes difficult to diagnose. To dislodge any hidden substances from your teeth, brush, floss and rinse. If the pain is persistent, it could be an indicator that there is a serious underlying problem such as infection.

A Chipped Tooth: While a chipped tooth might not necessitate emergency care, it is still a good idea to get a professional diagnosis immediately after an accident. You should use the pain levels as a form of guideline. If the pain interrupts your sleep, make an appointment with your dentist immediately.

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