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Recharge and Re-Center Yourself

The world leaves little time, space and room to still your mind and follow your breath. However, nothing restores sanity and a deeper sense of well being than a mind-guided retreat into your own heart and the heart of nature’s splendor. Sedona Mago Retreat Center offers QiGong Retreats to help you initiate deep healing via the Korean Tao tradition.

What Exactly is QiGong?

QiGong, or KiGong, is the central component of a three-way practice leading to deeper inner peace, harmony with the universe and self-mastery. On a QiGong retreat, you learn how to develop and use your Qi (sometimes call Chi or Ki), a primal form of energy that gives life to your body and represents the entire universe’s ubiquitous life force.

QiGong entails martial arts and dance practice as well as vibrational healing to unleash and mindfully direct energy clogged in your body’s seven centers of spiritual power, called chakras. After awakening to, and learning to use, your Qi, you learn to embrace Nothingness, a concept indicating the transcendence over categories or limitations holding you back.

Lastly, study and concentration ensure you learn the movements and principals of Tao QiGong that are essential to continued growth, inner peace, harmony and self-mastery.

In addition to the above, QiGong is also very beneficial for your posture, lower body strength, emotional health and mental focus.

Our Arizona Campus

Our campus comprises 173 acres in the high Arizona desert, approximately 4,500 feet above sea level. Housing consists of more than 100 casitas ideally suited to accommodate families, social groups and medium-to-large corporate teams.

We have 10 meeting rooms, five of which are more than 1,000 square feet in size. Meeting rooms are neutrally-hued, equipped with state-of-the-art sound, adjustable lighting and padded floors for yoga, QiGong and Tai Chi.

Check our online calendar when booking your retreat so you can plan your group visit to overlap with one of the QiGong retreats, dynamic yoga, meditation and reiki events we host throughout the year.

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