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Reliable Bed Bug Detection for Home and Business

Reliable Bed Bug Detection for Home and Business

Bed Bugs can wreak havoc in a matter of no time, but they are so easily missed by the naked eye that it can sometimes be difficult to tell when you have a problem. We use only certified K9 bed bug detection to check your home or business for an infestation; not only is this method far more accurate, but it also takes a fraction of the time it would take a human to scour an area for bed bugs or viable eggs.

NESDCA Certified Team

Our canine’s, Hagar and Helga, are certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association, or NESDCA for short. Hagar and Helga are also far more accurate than a typical canine bed bug detection team because they are trained to only detect the scent of bed bugs that are alive and viable eggs that could cause an issue. Whether you have an infestation starting in the walls or deep in a mattress, our team of canines can sniff out any bed bug before they start a problem.

When to Reach Out

Bed Bugs can get out of control rather quickly, so whether you have noticed something amiss or not, you may be wondering to yourself when the right time is to reach out for help. If you’ve just come back from a hotel, college dorm, or have just picked up the kids from summer camp or a long sleepover, you may want to consider having our team out for a sniff!

Contact Viking Pest Control to learn more about our K9 bed bug detectors and the other pest control services we offer.

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