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Remove Office and Corporate Waste with Cheap Skips in Harlow

Giving your business a facelift is a great way to attract new customers. From redesigning the interior to arranging a landscaping project for the exterior, there are numerous ways to add practicality, functionality and style to offices and corporate buildings. Whatever changes you plan on making, it’s recommended to hire cheap skips in Harlow to prevent waste build-up. Letting mess accumulate on business grounds will pose a health and safety risk, and you will be the one left dealing with legal obligations. With so many different sized containers to choose from, there’s no reason not to invest in these services.

Choosing a Skip Size

No matter what your requirements may be, a company that provides cheap skips in Harlow should be able to supply a container that suits your needs. A mini skip is the smallest option, and is a good choice for small renovation jobs, whereas a 4-yard mini skip would be a better choice for domestic and medium-sized projects. Demolition projects and large-scale construction projects will create large amounts of waste and for this type of job, you should think about renting roll-on roll-off containers.

Roll-on Roll-off Containers

Suitable for use on most industrial premises, roll-on roll-off containers are designed to reduce the number of collections. These cheap skips in Harlow can be used for the collection of solids, as well as  semi liquids and sludge. Sizes normally range from 18-50 cubic yards and the larger the container, the more you can expect to pay. Loaded onto a vehicle with a mechanical hook winch, they protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, so you need not worry about contributing to global warming when getting rid of waste.

The Importance of Permits

If your property is based near a public road, you will likely need to obtain permits to use cheap skips in Harlow. So long as you research properly and find a company with good ratings and customer reviews, you can get this permit with ease. Permits cost £20 for 14 days and in most cases, the permit will last for a maximum of two weeks from the date it is issued. Even if you have a permit you must not place the skip on a footpath as this could result in complaints from pedestrians, and could even cause an injury, which you will be liable for if the case is taken to court.

David Brown Skip Hire & Recycling can provide cheap skips in Harlow for commercial and domestic waste.

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