Renting a Cottage in Norfolk That Gets You Close to the Beach

Whether you’re going to be there for a few weeks or a few months, a beach cottage is an option to consider if you plan on renting in the Norfolk area. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that you find the best home for your needs.

On the Water

Before looking at beach cottage rentals in Norfolk, think about whether or not you want to live right on the water or if you can enjoy the area a few streets away from the beachfront. You’ll usually save a good bit of money if you’re comfortable with living in a home that’s not right near the water, and you’ll usually be within walking distance so that you can enjoy the sights and the sounds of the beach when you want.


One of the details to consider when you’re looking at beach cottage rentals in Norfolk is the size of the home that you need. Keep in mind that you want to be able to comfortably move around from room to room while also thinking about the price that you pay as you’ll likely pay more as the size of the homes that you look at increases.


Think about how long you’re going to need the rental and when you need the home. There are some times during the year when homeowners try to get more people to stay at the beach because it’s considered the off-season, which means that you can sometimes get a nice house at a lower price.

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