Replacing the Roof on Your Home? Consider Re-Insulating Your Attic Too

There are various aspects of a home that contribute to regulating the temperature in the dwelling. A quality HVAC system, energy-efficient windows, and a durable roof all play a vital role in cooling or heating a home. If the integrity of one or more of these features is jeopardized, it can leave the home exposed to cool air slipping through that can make it difficult to control the temperature inside the house. Especially, if the roof on the home needs to be replaced to remove any leaks that allow the air to pass through the building. When replacing the roof on a home, it is important to consider re-insulating the dwelling during the process with attic insulation services in Mississauga.

Why Re-Insulation is Important

Most of the air is lost through the attic of the home, cool or warm air can pass through the rooftop to make it difficult to keep the home comfortable. Insulation prevents this by blocking the air flow to avoid the loss of cool or warm air. Insulation will last for about 10 years before it starts to break down and does not adequately insulate the home. While replacing a roof on a home can fix a host of problems, re-insulation can provide a barrier to improve how the rooftop regulates the temperature inside a home. That is why when you are replacing the roof on your home, the insulation should be inspected by a professional to determine if it should be replaced too.

Schedule an Assessment Today with an Expert

Contact George Kent experts for attic insulation services in Mississauga. They have over 65 years of experience in providing home improvement services for their clients. A skilled worker will thoroughly inspect your insulation to determine if it needs to be replaced and the options you have available. From blown to spray foam insulation, they can provide you with a solution at an affordable price.

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