Residential and Commercial Roofing in Merritt Island, FL

Professional Roofing in Merritt Island, FL, involves more than just placing tiles or shingles correctly on the top of a house or business. Experienced roofers are familiar with all types of roofing options and can provide customers with assistance selecting the best roof for their needs, and their budget. Homeowners will find that type of customer service helpful to decide between the various shingles or tiles available. Some companies, like JT Roofing and Maintenance, Inc, for example, offer professional design services to ensure the roofing system is perfect for the building. This service is most helpful to commercial businesses, due to the many options for roof types, coatings, and materials.

Commercial roofs can be made of rubber, metal, composite materials, fiber cement, shingles, tiles, and different synthetic materials. Pitched roofs can be applied much like home roofs with shingles or tiles, but can also be manufactured in rolls or panels that will reduce costs and installation time. Flat roofs can be poured on, nailed or cemented in place, or rolled on. Coatings vary in type and purpose. There are reflective coatings the block the rays of the sun and prevent the building from getting too hot. Some are used to water proof the roof after it has been applied. An office building can look great with a traditional shingle roof and a processing plant should have an energy efficient roof that can also keep the temperature down in the summer. Having architects and engineer available to help design the best roof for the purpose of the building can save owners money on the roof itself, and on utility costs for years in to the future.

Residential and commercial Roofing in Merritt Island, FL, also includes inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Maintenance after installation is important to prolong the life of the roof, keep it in the best possible condition, and identify any repairs early, while they are still minor in nature. Replacing a few shingles or sealing a small leak is more cost-effective than needing to replace an entire section of the roof or cover the high cost of water damage. Routine inspections and regular maintenance is the best way to save time and money, once a new roof has been installed to a home or business.

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