Residential Electrical Service for Improved Power Load Management

Residential electricians commonly recommend replacing an old fuse box with a modern circuit breaker panel. They also advise homeowners to have more outlets installed instead of relying too heavily on power strips and plugging in extension cords for long-term use. These types of electrical services in Arlington Heights have several advantages for households.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers can handle larger amounts of electricity, so they are less likely to trip compared with a fuse blowing. They also react much faster than fuses when detecting an overload, making this a safer way to manage the home’s power.

Another advantage of circuit breakers is convenience. When fuses are overloaded by power demands, they no longer work and must be replaced. Households must always keep some on hand or do without electricity in one area of the home until more fuses are obtained. In contrast, circuit breakers are reset by moving a switch back into position. That’s not only more convenient but also free.

More Outlets

An additional way of improving load management is to have more outlets installed throughout the building. The new outlets should have three slots to accommodate three-pronged plugs and those with one wider prong. Now, the household won’t need to use adapters.

This type of electrical service in Arlington Heights ends the need for extension cords, which are only intended for short-term use and not as a permanent solution. Power strips can be used for low-wattage equipment like a computer and its accessories. Lamps and other high-wattage devices should be plugged into a wall outlet separate from the power strip.

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