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Rigging Services: Understanding Rigging Components For Cranes

Rigging Services: Understanding Rigging Components For Cranes

Rigging is not something those use cranes should ever ignore. It is a necessary component of such operations. Without it, the process may be far from smooth, and the operator’s safety is compromised. To make certain everything proceeds without issue, crane operators must work closely with reputable rigging services. Only they completely understand the basic components of the rigging system.

Rigging and Cranes

In order to be aware of how to best repair and maintain rigging, riggers must know about the different components involved in crane operations. Such knowledge must extend beyond recognition to encompass the requirements, specifications, and tools needed to address what each type of rigging demands. The following parts are of primary importance:

Rigging Hooks: The specific types of hooks used in rigging must be able to lift, without slipping, heavy loads. They come in different sizes based on either the throat or hook. Selection depends on the materials the rig/crane must move. Based on what is a safe load-weight, the rigger selects the right size and decides whether the type is to be

     1. Choker
     2. Clevis grab 
     3. Eye
     4. Sorting 

Shackles: Shackles are required when a load ranges between 6,000 and 11,000lbs. They are available in different sizes. Types include:

    1. Screw pin
    2. Round pin
    3. Safety type anchor
    4. Chain shackles

Eye Bolts and Steel Nuts: Eyebolts and steel must work together to accommodate the designated load’s weight, shape, and specifications.
Wire Ropes: These, in conjunction with slings, are responsible for moving large materials.
Slings: Slings work in conjunction with wire ropes to move loads.
Pulleys and Blocks: These are essential for extremely heavy loads. Available in diverse sizes, they generally work with wire rope to facilitate maneuvering the material

Rigging Services

Rigging is essential for certain industries. When specified for a job, it is important to hire only professional rigging services. This helps to ensure the work is performed correctly and safely.

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