Salient Features of High Grip Tires

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Automotive Services

Many people consider replacing the tire on their vehicle by going for high-performance variants. If you want to customize your vehicle and make it faster, you might want to consider getting high grip tires. Also known as performance tires, these tires are a marked improvement over the stock tires that come installed on your vehicle. These tires also cost a considerable amount of money, so most people often want to know about the salient features of such tires before they pay such a huge amount for getting their tires changed. Here are some salient features of these performance tires.

Quicker on Corners

Conventional tires have treads that are designed for a standard grip on the road. If you try to make sharp corners on your stock tires, your car is likely to skid out of control as the tires lose their grip. However, high grip tires have custom treads that are designed to maximize road grip, thus making you considerably quicker on corners. You don’t need to brake all the way and bring your car down to a virtual halt before cornering.

Greater Speeds

High grip tires have a much lower weight as compared to conventional tires, and because of the higher grip on the road, they will give you much greater speeds on the road. If you are looking to customize your vehicle and get greater speeds out of it, you should consider going for performance tires. These tires are designed for superior performance while on the road, so you will be able to attain much greater speeds on the straight track. These are just some of the main features of performance tires. If you want new tires, you can contact Auto Customs at 808-545-1658 or visit us and take your car at the scheduled date and time. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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