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Should You Use Hot Melt Adhesive for Carton Sealing?

If your business utilizes corrugated cardboard containers, you probably have the need to seal them. The two most common methods for sealing corrugated products are hot melt adhesive and sealing tape. So which method is best for your business? Let’s look at the two systems and explore the upsides and downsides of both.


Tape is an easy to use method for sealing cartons. Very little equipment is required and you only need tape and some kind of dispenser. To get started, you need to spend little money on sealing equipment. Tape can be used to completely seal the edges of boxes and in some cases, this is best (depending on the materials inside the container). Tape is very safe to use, as there are no hot materials utilized in the process. However, there are some downsides of tape to consider.

Tape can be very expensive to use. In fact, the cost can be as much as 100 percent or more, greater than heated glue. This is a very big consideration if you are running a large operation. In fact, the costs can be a substantial part of your operating expenses. Also, most carton taping is done by hand, and this is very time consuming. For companies with high output requirements, tape may not be the best option.

Hot Melt Adhesive

A heated glue system is more expensive in the beginning. For example, you need a way to mix and heat the glue. However, because the cost is much less than using tape, it will not take long to recoup your initial investment.

Heated glue lends itself well to automatic sealing methods. In fact, automated carton sealers have been around for some time and most use some kind of heated adhesive to seal cartons. The procedure is very fast and there are few moving parts to be concerned with. An automatic carton sealer can cut your production costs considerably, because cartons can be glued quickly and accurately. Plus, you may need fewer people to run your operation with this strategy.

For heavy cartons and boxes, heated adhesive methods are the best choice, because you get a stronger seal and it’s less likely to break under load or when mishandled. When you use heated glue methods, your materials will come out sealed and neat in appearance. Plus, there is no additional time spent changing tape rolls. When you add up all the benefits, you may discover hot melt adhesive is right for your business.

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