Smart Tips to Efficiently Use Your Household Storage Unit Rochester MN

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Moving and Storage

Moving to a new residence or simply decluttering your home can require the need for a place to store precious and valuable belongings. By using a Household Storage Unit Rochester MN, assets can be stored in a safe and secure manner until they are used again. The following tips can be used to efficiently use a storage unit. Doing this can help save money and safeguard against damage to assets.

Before putting any belongings in a Household Storage Unit Rochester MN, perform a thorough examination of the unit. Ensure that the unit is cleaned out. While this is normally the responsibility of the property owners, it’s prudent to look for nails and debris that can damage your effects. Observe the walls, ceiling, and floors. Look for crevices that can be used as entryways by pests. Make sure these holes are sealed up properly before loading any items into the storage unit.

Prior to loading a storage unit, it’s helpful to make a diagram detailing the placement of the storage devices such as boxes and plastic totes along with appliances, furniture, and other items. Make a pathway down the middle for easier access to assets. The aisle should ideally be about five to eight feet across so belongings can be moved without much hindrance. Make the diagram in pencil, so it can be revised when necessary.

To save money by not having to rent another storage unit, make efficient use of vertical space. Also, use corners to support high stacks of boxes. A small gap between five to eight inches will help provide room for a stack of boxes to lean against the side of the storage unit. Pyramid stacks are useful when stacking moving devices of varying weights and sizes. The bottom of such a stack should be sturdy enough to support the load it carries.

These suggestions are just a few ways to protect your valuables and make the most of your rental unit. It can provide peace of mind knowing assets are safe from theft and vandalism. For information on storage units, please talk to a professional at Rochester Indoor Storage or visit online for details regarding rental sizes, rental rates, and storage unit access.

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