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Some Advantages of Hiring a Disability Lawyer In Illinois

Some Advantages of Hiring a Disability Lawyer In Illinois

When people apply for Social Security disability benefits, they can either get Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. While the former disability insurance will pay you more, many disability attorneys will apply for both types of disability income to better ensure you get some compensation. Whatever your situation, it behooves you to contact a disability attorney to help you get disability benefits. Here’s why.

Expertise and Know-How
Illinois disability lawyers have both law degrees and certifications in Social Security rules and regulations. These legal professionals are also familiar with the medical conditions that can qualify you for disability benefits as well as the necessary steps to help you win your case.

No Upfront Payment
An Illinois disability attorney will never make you pay for services in advance. The attorney and legal firm will receive a percentage of your back pay, which is usually capped at either 25% of your awarded amount or $6,000.

Assist With Paperwork
Because your case can get dismissed if you omit any information on your application form, your disability attorney will help you fill it out. In fact, most Illinois disability lawyers will usually fill these forms out as they ask applicants specific questions about their ailments and job histories.

Advocate In Court
Illinois Disability lawyers serve as key advocates at hearings. For example, your disability attorney may cite evidence from your medical records that convinces the judge that you’re disabled. He or she will also counter any statements the vocational expert makes about your ability to still perform certain jobs.

Your Illinois disability attorney can also recommend that you get certain medical documents filled out by doctors to substantiate your illness or injury. This will give you more credibility and improve your chances of winning your disability case.

The lawyers at Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd., which you can access at 847-299-0008, have more than 100 years of combined experience that’s dedicated solely to helping disabled people get the benefits they deserve.

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