Some Fine Options for Senior Citizens at a Motorcycle Store in Jacksonville FL

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Motorcycle Dealer

Many people think of motorcycle riding as a younger person’s activity, but many senior citizens love to ride. As they move forward in the golden years, however, they may realize that it’s time to get a bike that might be thought of a motorcycle for grown-up adults. That means shopping at a Motorcycle Store in Jacksonville FL for a bike that’s more stable, sturdier and more comfortable than what they had been riding previously. These seniors realize they’re not as fast in reaction time as they once were, but they are still safe and skilled motorcycle drivers.

A senior citizen shopping at a motorcycle store in Jacksonville FL may still want a bike that’s relatively lightweight, but probably prefers one that offers more cushioning for bumpy rides. That’s easier on the back and the joints. A seat that allows the individual to sit upright is important, and so is low engine vibration. Adjustable ergonomics and suspension are appealing to many riders, and not just seniors. Stability control is a standard feature in today’s motorcycles; it prevents skidding when turning. Older riders may prefer a seat that’s lower to the ground and a lower center of gravity for the bike. This makes the motorcycle easier to manage. A relatively short person in his or her 20s or 30s may not have much trouble with a motorcycle with a higher seat, but an older individual will feel more comfortable if both feet can be flat on the ground when stopped.

The senior citizen in the market for a motorcycle might approach and talk with silver-haired riders he or she sees when they’re stopped at a wayside or a restaurant. That’s a good way to find out the pros and cons of the motorcycles they’ve chosen. They also can visit a store such as Holeshot Powersports and ask the friendly, knowledgeable representatives about ideal bikes for people of a certain age. Some seniors haven’t ridden in many years. They finally have the time now that they are retired, and they’re looking forward to getting back out on the road. Visit the website for information on this particular store.

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