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Stage planning: Preparing for bad weather

Stage planning: Preparing for bad weather

When it comes to event staging, bad weather is the last thing you want to happen. If you are planning to have an outdoor event, you are going to have to plan for bad weather. High winds, rainstorms, and even hurricanes have to be taken into account to not only protect staff members and audiences, but also your equipment. A well-prepared event can help significantly reduce the risks of damages and injuries.

Weather forecast
This goes without saying, but it is an important part of event planning. You should be checking the weather forecast not only for the day of your event but also the days you are setting up your stage. Setting up a stage can be very dangerous when workers are working at elevated heights, and severe wind gusts can create a real problem.

Stage structure
When setting up an outdoor stage, it is essential that the stage is structurally sound. It is always recommended to event managers to get a signed contract from your provider to ensure accountability in case of damages. Your stage provider has to ensure that the stage is built to withstand the wind to a reasonable extent, which includes backdrops. Ensure that all your equipment is secured tightly so that it does not become damaged.

Event stages typically require a large backdrop that spans the entire height of the stage. These can be difficult to put up, and even more difficult if weather conditions are poor. When you have professionals on the job, they will know how to prepare for the weather, and they will ensure that the stage is well-installed to keep everyone safe during your event.

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