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Taking Your First Driving Lesson – All You Need To Know

Do you feel nervously excited about getting behind the wheel and kick-starting your driving experience? If so, you’re not alone. The majority of first time drivers will shudder at the thought of strapping on their belt and listening to strict instructions from a qualified driving teacher. Heck, it can be scary to learn that more than 18 million vehicles are currently registered in Australia, but isn’t it a great thought to think that you could be travelling inside one of these vehicles soon? Passing your test doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, by preparing yourself for what the first driving lesson entails, you can replace feelings of anxiousness with feelings of motor motivation.

Car Control and Instrument Instruction

Before you can start the engine and begin driving, you will first be shown around the vehicle. This will last for about half an hour and you may be given some homework to go home with, so that you don’t forget what you were shown during the typical cockpit drill. At this time, the driving instructor will also demonstrate how to adjust the mirrors and seat, as well as how to change gears, how to check your blind spot and how to steer the car with a number of suitable techniques. Pay close attention to the car control and instrument instruction, as it will fill you with confidence for the next step.

Starting and Stopping

Don’t worry too much about this part, because you will be located in a quiet area, such as on an industrial estate or in a quiet parking lot. Starting and stopping may seem daunting at the beginning but once you master it, everything else will be a breeze. You’ll be shown how to get the gears ready, how to find the clutch bite point of the vehicle you are using (each vehicle will differ slightly), when to signal to other drivers and how to perform kerbside parking without damaging the arches, wheels or tyres on the car.

The Concluding Discussion

At the end of your first driving lesson you will probably know how things went, but how did your driving instructor think you performed? Remember that it is his or her impression that counts because the instructor chooses what to include in every additional lesson, meaning that they have some level of control over when you can safely sit your test. Listen intently when the concluding discussion takes place and turn those weak points into strengths the next time you belt up!


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