The 3 Massage Therapies That Your Lancaster, CA Chiropractor Can Perform

When you are feeling stressed, you can feel it in your muscles. Luckily, the use of massage therapy can easily relieve the body’s stress and improve its overall health. This improvement in health is due to the increase in fresh blood being circulated to injured areas of the body and then the injured area being massaged to help the repair process. When the massage is complete, an increase in mood will be achieved. Below are three techniques that massage therapy in Lancaster, CA that can be used by your chiropractor.

1. Therapeutic Massage

Having therapeutic massage can easily relieve stress that is felt on a daily level. Not only can stress tighten your muscles, it can also prevent them from remaining flexible and providing the proper range of motion.

2. Shiatsu Massage

Depending on the ability of the chiropractor, they may be able to provide a Japanese form of massage known as Shiatsu. With this therapy, it is designed to increase circulation. Not only does this help healing, but the immune system is also given a boost that helps you stay healthy.

3. Trigger Point Massage

Having trigger point massage targets certain spots on the muscles that are known to spark pain to other body parts. A good example is when your lower back pain suddenly spreads to the neck. When this is the case, your chiropractor will be able to locate the problematic spot and alleviate the pain so that it will not continue to spread to the neck.

When you are in need of massage therapy in Lancaster, CA, it is good to know that you have options. This is why you should be in touch with Allied Chiropractic for all of your massage therapy needs.

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