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The Advantages Of Fiber Laser Cutting Services

The Advantages Of Fiber Laser Cutting Services

There are several different technologies and options when it comes to precision cutting metal and polymers. One of the most effective options is the choice of fiber laser cutting services that utilize the latest in this precision cutting technology.

How it Works

All fiber laser cutting services use an optical fiber that has been treated with a variety of different rare elements. The most commonly used elements, including erbium, thulium, neodymium, and several others. The choice of the different rare elements provides various cutting benefits based on the particular workpiece composition. The rare elements have the capacity to boost the energy levels of the laser and provide the energy needed for maximum cutting ability.

The Benefits

The use of a fiber rather than a crystal or gas as in other types of laser cutting has several specific benefits. A significant consideration is the stability of the fiber laser cutting system, which means that it can be moved or bumped without knocking the optics out of alignment and requiring a reconfiguration before further cutting can be completed.

With the use of fiber laser cutting services, the beam is inside the fiber, so it is resistant to shock and movement. Additionally, there is no need for the same types of optic configuration, so this makes the equipment easier to set up and use on an ongoing basis.

When the cutting beam of the laser is contained within the fiber, it is very controlled and high quality. The beam can also be maintained in a very compact and tight focus, which provides higher levels of precision cutting to even the most exacting tolerances.

Finally, the choice of the fiber laser also means that very high power of laser systems can be used. Even a very small system is able to cut through an inch or more of steel at maximum speed and capacity, speeding up production without any sacrifice of precision cutting and quality.

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