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The Basics Of Digi-Star Load Cells

Each component of a scale system, regardless of what type of scale it is or what it is used to weigh, has to work together for accuracy with the measurements. One of the smallest, yet the most important parts of a scale is the load cell. There is a variety of digi-star load cells available for all types of scales and uses, and knowing a bit about how they work can be very helpful.


A load cell of any type is just a transducer. However, unlike other transducers, this is a very specialized type of component. Digi-Star load cells create an electric signal that is determined by the amount of weight put on the platform of the scale.

Depending on the types of Digi-Star load cells, with the most common being a strain gauge, the weight on the platform creates a force, or the deformation, of the strain gauge. The more that weight creates the change in the shape of the strain gauge, the greater the electrical signal registers, which is then converted to a signal to the indicator.

It is very common with heavier scale systems, or with highly specific scales, to use 2 or 4 strain gauges instead of just one. Scales using four strain gauges are set up in a diamond shaped configuration called a Wheatstone bridge. The two strain gauge Digi-Star load cells are often called a half bridge.

There are also resistive load cells and capacitive load cells, and these can come in a range of sizes from very small weighing capacities to the very large scale systems. Since Digi-Star load cells are typically used for commercial and agricultural applications, the larger sizes of load cells are the most commonly used.


When designing Digi-Star load cells care is taken to consider the typical real world applications of these essential components of any scale system. Many designs are made with impact and weather resistant materials such as stainless steel, allowing them to be used in a range of different conditions including on wet fields, in livestock operations, and in in any wagon or implement from manure spreaders to grain carts and balers.

The Digi-Star load cells offered by to the company are built to last. These are durable load cells that offer the weighing capacities needed for small scale or commercial agricultural operations.

At Scale-Tech, they offer a full line of digi-star load cells for all the scales we sell as well as for repairs to scales from other dealers. To learn more see us online at website.

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