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The Battle Of Hand Drying Methods

The Battle Of Hand Drying Methods

The battle between electric hand dryers and paper towels has been going on for years and it probably will rage on for more years to come. The thing that the paper industry fails to address is technology; today’s paper towel is no better than paper towels were years ago, the same cannot be said for the best hand dryers. Hand dryers are no different than any other device, it evolves; as new technology comes along it is employed to improve the product. It may have been true years ago that hand dryers didn’t do a very good job, this cannot be said and substantiated today. New high-speed, high efficiency hand dryers dry your hands and save you money.

If you are the owner of a facility such as a gasoline station or restaurant you will have rest rooms for the public; by installing the best hand dryers you will see tremendous savings over time and you will rid your maintenance staff of the burden of emptying trash cans and you will relieve the burden on land fill sites in your area.


It is a well known fact that hand dryers are far less costly to operate than it is to provide paper towels. Knowing this to be factual, the paper towel industry has set its sights on the issue of hygiene. Studies that have been carried out by the paper towel industry claim their product is more hygienic than hand dryers.

It is interesting to note that tests that have been carried out by the paper towel industry have been designed by the industry, not to an established protocol. This is not the case with hand dryers, when they are tested the tests are carried out to an international protocol, the results clearly show that the best hand dryers using state-of-the-art technology kills bacteria on surfaces.

The best hand dryers have to win the battle; they cost less to operate, they are more hygienic, they certainly are far better for the environment and they are more convenient.

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