The Benefits of Adding Mobile Cardiac PET Scanning at Your California Physician Location

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Health & Fitness

For many primary care physicians, there is an expanding need to be able to provide more services to patients. In many cases, primary care physicians understand that with the new age of technology, more patients are looking for their doctors to provide more services.

The Benefits of Mobile PET Scan Services

In many cases, the ability to provide some in-office diagnostic services can be cost-prohibitive because the medical equipment is very expensive. While have a primary EKG machine for a doctor’s offices is relatively inexpensive, more advanced medical testing such as Cardiac PET Scan equipment is too costly. In addition, having all of the knowledge to perform these tests and analyze the results can be difficult; that is why having a team of technicians to assist in this process can be vital.

The good news is that local primary care physicians now have an opportunity to provide their patients with Cardiac PET Scan testing at their own office through a mobile Cardiac PET Scanning services. This service is available for any primary care physician in the state of California.

How to Provide This Service

Primary care physicians who are looking to offer this enhanced medical diagnostic capability for their patients can set up a scheduled day for the mobile unit to be on site. Physicians can then alert their patients and begin to schedule appointments on the day when the mobile unit is expected to be at their office.

Mobile PET Scan units can go to a doctor’s office on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This allows doctors to offer their patients in need of this diagnostic screening the ability to use the service on a schedule that suits their individual practice needs.

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