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The Benefits Of Choosing Cool Roofing Products

As a commercial property owner or manager, finding ways to save energy and increase building efficiency are an ongoing issue. One of the most energy inefficient areas of most commercial buildings is the roof, but with cool roofing products even this can be minimized to help reduce overall building expenses.

Today’s cool roofing products feature a fluid-applied membrane system that adheres completely and totally to the roof, allowing for optimal flexibility while also providing a completely watertight option. This is very different than traditional roofing options, including roll types of products, which can lift and create pockets of potential leaks as well as energy inefficiency.

While cool roofing products can be utilized as part of an offer high efficiency or “green building” project, they can also be used to restore and repair existing buildings. They are easy to apply using standard application techniques including both airless and conventional spraying equipment, rollers or even by brush. Top products will be ready to apply from the manufacturer, and they will not require thinning or mixing once on site.

The Cooling Effect

All cool roofing products provide high levels of reflectively so that the heat from the sun, or the exterior environment, simply reflects back off of the roof’s surface. They are also light colored, which prevents heat absorption. This is particularly important on low-slope roofs on commercial buildings where dark, traditional types of roofing materials can boost the surface heat and absorbed heat by a significant amount over a day.

The Maintenance Benefits

With the complete adherence of the fluid-membrane cool roofing products, there is limited maintenance required on the roof. The wind, water, and even ice damage so common with traditional roofing materials will not be a concern with these roofing options. In the event of damage due to extreme weather conditions, repairs are much easier, less labor intensive, and lower cost overall.

With a more protective roof, less damage from heat and water, and lower maintenance needs the efficiency of the commercial building increases. Additional energy savings, particularly in the peak-usage summer months, will continue to be achieved throughout the life of the roof, providing cost savings on an ongoing basis.

With different options in cool roofing products for new construction, renovations, roofing upgrades and repairs, you can find a highly efficient, practical option for your building. Compare different products to find the manufacturer and the fluid-applied membrane that is best for the roof, the building, and to provide top performance in your area of the country.

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