The Benefits Of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is a synthetic plastic which has been in use for the last 50 years, the material is versatile and durable and is used in a wide range of products from plumbing pipe and fittings to Chicago fencing. Due to the fact that vinyl is extremely resistant to weather it is an ideal material to use for fencing. Conventional wooden fencing has a tendency to rot over time and they must be painted or stained regularly, vinyl fencing on the other hand is literally care free, it will never rot and requires no maintenance. In the event a vinyl fence starts to look a little dirty from air borne pollutants, all it takes is a quick wash down with soap and water to return it to its original beauty.

Vinyl fencing was introduced to the Chicago fencing industry in the mid 1980s although the material itself had been in development for several years prior to that. Wooden decks as well as wooden fencing often contain chemicals that have been used for pressure treating against rot, not so with vinyl. Vinyl fencing is “user friendly” being made from non-toxic material. Not only is the material non-toxic, it is completely recyclable.

Due to the properties of the material all reputable manufacturers of vinyl fencing offer a lifetime guarantee, this is something that you would never find from a wooden fence manufacturer. Vinyl fencing is UV resistant, it will not discolor, crack or warp under the sun. Paint does not adhere to vinyl so this type of fence is naturally resistant to any graffiti artists in the neighborhood, if the fence is used as a canvas the paint simply washes off.

When comparing the cost of Chicago fencing, wood and vinyl cost the same to erect although the vinyl fencing material is slightly more expensive, although this is not always the case as local wood prices do vary. Even with its slightly higher initial cost, vinyl fencing is a far better choice; it is virtually maintenance free and is guaranteed for life. Experts in the fencing industry have looked at the long term cost of wood vs. vinyl and are of the opinion that over time the vinyl fence is considerably less costly.

Vinyl fencing may not look as strong as a wood fence but looks are deceiving. Vinyl fences are actually considerably stronger than wood and a lot more flexible. With versatility, weather resistance and freedom from maintenance it is easy to see why it is so popular with homeowners.

There are many different materials used for Chicago fencing but it is hard to beat vinyl; it looks great, lasts a lifetime and requires no painting or staining. You are invited to contact Top Line Fence Co. Inc. for a no cost, no obligation quotation.

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