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Lock Rekey Cost in Chicago IL Is Cheaper Than Completely Replacing a Lock

Lock Rekey Cost in Chicago IL Is Cheaper Than Completely Replacing a Lock

Most people are familiar with the concept of changing door locks but may not realize there are two ways of doing this. One involves replacing the lock altogether, while the other is the simpler task of rekeying it. The Lock Rekey Cost in Chicago IL is less expensive than having the locks replaced. Why choose one option instead of the other?

When a locksmith rekeys a lock, he or she removes and replaces certain components in the device so it no longer works with the key. A new key is required for the new components. This is an effective way of changing a lock when someone is moving into a new place, for instance, or when someone wants to prevent an old roommate from getting into the apartment or house. It’s also a smart idea when a person has lost a key to the residence while out and about, or who suspects someone has stolen the key. The person living in this residence will prefer the lower Lock Rekey Cost in Chicago IL.

In contrast, sometimes an old lock begins to malfunction. This may require replacement of the entire device instead of individual components. In some cases, a locksmith will discover during the rekeying process that lock replacement is advisable because the parts have deteriorated to a certain extent. This can be shown to the customer.

A locksmith with a company such as the Security Shop also will replace the lock altogether when the residents want upgraded security. A more complicated device is more difficult to break through. While doing this project, the locksmith also can install additional security measures, such as deadbolts that are very effective at keeping intruders out.

Some individuals want an entirely different style of doorknob and lock, which requires complete replacement. They may prefer a lever instead of a knob, for example. An individual with arthritis may find a doorknob difficult to turn, but a lever is easy to operate. That lever can still be equipped with a very effective locking mechanism. Visit the website for details on this particular company and the services available. You can visit them on Facebook for more information.

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