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The Best Patio Doors For Kids And Pets

If you have a busy family with kids, pets and lots of activity in the home, choosing to upgrade your doors during a renovation starts with thinking about the practical nature of the designs. To upgrade patio doors it will be important to consider durability, safety and design, and then select the one providing the best of all possible options.

There are several different types of patio doors available, and those old, low-quality sliding glass doors are not the only choice. For many families, these doors are difficult for younger children to open and close, and it is also are very easy to damage the tracks of the doors through constant use.

A better option to consider is patio doors that are made of wood and that open like French doors. You can, of course, choose the traditional French door styles, but there are a lot of other options to consider as well that may be more practical yet equally as stylish.

For Kids

For children, the French styles of patio doors that allow the door to swing open from the center rather than operating on a sliding track make opening and closing much easier.

Also, without the track, kids are less likely to trip or stumble crossing the threshold. This also means toys and other items for the kids can be easily moved in and out of these styles of patio doors. The double opening is also great for giving lots of room for everyone to get in and out.

For Pets

For families with kids and dogs, choosing styles of patio doors with a solid wood panel at the bottom, perhaps one-quarter to one-third of the way up the door, is a big plus. With the higher glass area of the door nose prints and other issues are less of a problem, and cleanup is much easier.

There isn’t any loss of style with these doors, which are also great for smaller children as well. The solid panel at the bottom provides a more solid-looking door, plus with all the stain colors it can be matched to your current interior and exterior colors.

With all the options in functional and attractive patio doors, there is no need to settle for the simple styles of doors found at building supply stores. By going online and looking at different websites the right door, at the right price, will be easy to find.

There are many different styles, designs and options in the patio doors we offer at Nick’s Building Supply. To view our designs and to place an order see us online at website. For more updates you can also connect on Facebook.

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