The Continued Advantages of Laser Printers Using Lexmark Toner in Madison WI

The invention of the laser printer made a big difference in the way that businesses produced a broad range of documents. Early laser printers were extremely slow, but businesses began to prefer them for graphics and proportional font printing. A major change was the use of cartridges containing toner ink instead of the ribbons used with typewriters, daisy wheel printers and dot matrix printers. Today, Lexmark Toner in Madison WI is available from office equipment suppliers and continues to be in demand. For some years, it looked like cheaper inkjet printer would replace the laser models, but people have been drawn back to laser printers again for their timeless quality and reliability.

Why is proportional font printing so important? The younger folks today don’t remember how typewritten copy used to look, with Courier being the only font used before replacement wheels and balls became available in newer technology. Each letter and number takes up the same amount of space, creating a blocky appearance that is not as visually appealing as proportionally spaced fonts like Times Roman and Arial. These days, people have an enormous array of fonts from which to choose. Many of the preferred ones contain serifs, the little tails at the ends of letter and number markings. However, sans-serif fonts offer a cleaner, more modern look that is appropriate for many documents and publications. Script print fonts have been improved to the point where some look almost exactly like handwritten copy, which many businesses and other organizations find useful for address labels on promotional material.

Inkjet printers provide reasonably good quality and generally cost less than laser models. Their ink cartridges also are significantly cheaper than toner cartridges. However, the inkjet cartridges run out quickly when businesses use the printer very frequently, whereas toner lasts much longer. Another problem occurs when the printer is only used on an occasional basis: the ink tends to dry up and the cartridge must be replaced. In contrast, the print from Lexmark Toner in Madison WI remains sharp and clear, even when the printer has not been used in months. Visit Rhyme Biz to learn more about one particular office equipment supplier.

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