The Difference Between a Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service in West Chester

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Home and Garden

When searching for a cleaning service in West Chester, residents and business owners cannot just choose a name out of the phone book. Before the cleaning service is selected, the client must figure out the type of service that is needed. Some cleaning services will only cater to residential cleaning, while other cleaning services will do commercial cleaning. Individuals must find a company that suits their specific needs or look for a service that can do commercial and residential cleaning.

What Are Residential Cleaning Services?

Often, a residential cleaning service in West Chester will offer daytime cleaning options. A residential service must be more thoroughly vetted than a commercial cleaning service because the housekeepers will actually deal with the resident’s personal items. Residential cleaning services are often more accustomed to dealing with unusual details like pillow placement or how towels are folded. Due to this, residents should who have specific requirements are often better off using a cleaning service that offers residential cleaning options.

How do Commercial Cleaning Services Work?

A cleaning service in West Chester that caters to commercial organizations will often have different pricing and staff members. Since most commercial cleaning is done at night, these services will typically have a higher number of nighttime services available. The pricing and profit margins may be set up differently. Since commercial cleaning often occurs on a more frequent basis, these companies can offer a different price to the client.

Selecting a Cleaning Service

The type of service required by an individual or a company depends on their needs. For a business, industrial or commercial center, a commercial cleaning service in West Chester is normally the best option. Residential homes and properties generally utilize a residential cleaning service. For smaller companies or home offices, the ultimate choice is up to the client. They must decide how often they will need the property cleaned, the time of day that they want it cleaned and the type of housekeepers they are looking for.

Consider Frequency

Additionally, homeowners and business owners should consider how often they want their property cleaned before they bring in a service. Often, the cleaning service will work with the client to create a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule. If the individual or company realizes that they need less or more frequent services, they can always adjust it after the cleaning service has started.

A cleaning service in West Chester is a great way for busy homeowners and companies to get help. Through a service, individuals can outsource their cleaning needs to professionals in the industry. By choosing the type of service required in advance, individuals can ensure that they get the exact services that their property requires.

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