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The Family Dentist in Kona Can Find and Treat the Source of Your Tooth Pain

The Family Dentist in Kona Can Find and Treat the Source of Your Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is something no one wants to deal with. This type of pain is often unrelenting, even when a person takes pain medication. Since tooth pain can sometimes be caused by serious oral health concerns, it needs to be investigated by the Family Dentist in Kona. The dentist can fully examine his patient’s mouth and find the cause of the pain so it can be properly treated.

There are three main causes of tooth pain, including the following.

1. Cavities are the number one reason people experience tooth pain. Since decay does not present painful symptoms right away, people often overlook the other warning signs. Once a tooth begins to hurt because of decay, this means the cavity has progressed and entered the inner pulp of the tooth. Here, it can begin to quickly degrade the health of the tooth. Eventually, untreated decay will lead to tooth death. Once a decayed tooth has been filled pain should no longer be present.

2. Tooth pain may also be caused by an injury. Though most people know when they have injured a tooth, minor injuries can sometimes occur without a person’s knowledge. Tooth injuries are more prone to occur in teeth that are structurally unstable due to decay. When a tooth is hurting because of an injury, this means the nerve has somehow been exposed. Fillings and other repair techniques can stop the pain caused by tooth injuries.

3. Pain in the teeth can also be caused by infection. When infection is present in a tooth, it is called an abscess. Infection can spread to other teeth and to the gum tissue. Recent studies have shown infections in the mouth can have a direct effect on the health of the heart. The sooner tooth infections are brought under control, the fewer risks a person’s oral health faces. Infections are treated with antibiotics and root canal procedures carried out by the Family Dentist in Kona.

People who are experiencing tooth pain can find relief through the Family Dentist in Kona. Contact the office of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. and allow them to schedule an appointment today.

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